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What Are The Benefits Of Foot Massage Offered By Our Massage Parlour in Mumbai?

Visiting a spa centre to receive a relaxing body massage is a treat to all. But, visiting the spa centre just to receive a foot massage is considered as lavish by most of us. It is to remind you that, foot is the part of our body that takes all the body weight for the entire day. This is the part that needs to bear all the wear and tear. So, you should definitely take good care of foot by pampering it. Our foot spa in Mumbai offers every type of massages. So, you can visit our spa center to give a treat to your foot as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Foot Massage When Taken From Massage Parlour In Mumbai?

What Are The Types Of Foot Massage Offered By Our Massage Parlour In Mumbai?

Thai foot spa in Mumbai: Thai massage in Mumbai is very popular. This is an ancient Thailand massage technique where the therapists target some points to open the sen lines. The sen lines are unblocked to help in releasing stress and anxiety. It also helps in achieving wellness and relaxation. In this massage therapy, the therapists use thumb, fingers and wooden stick.

Reflexology in Mumbai: This is very similar to the Thai massage. In this foot spa therapy, some points are targeted at the sole of the feet. The points that are connected to other body parts are used to relieve pain and issue from that particular body part.

Deep tissue foot massage in Mumbai: This is another kind of foot massage where the deep muscle is targeted. This foot massage is perfect for those who are suffering from chronic injury or damage. Here, forceful and slower stroke is applied to reach to the deep layer of the muscle.

Shiatsu in Mumbai: This massage therapy is more like the reflexology one where some specific areas are targeted. But, Shiatsu does not only uses pressures rather some other techniques such as twisting, rotating, pulling and swiveling the foot is also done. Our massage parlour in Mumbai offers all types of foot massage. So, you can visit our centre to receive a relaxing massage.

Swedish in Mumbai: This is a very gentle massage therapy where the foot muscles are stretched from time to time. This foot massage is ideal for all those who are recovering from an injury.

Massage Parlour in Mumbai

Massage Parlour in Mumbai

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Body Massage in Mumbai

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Couple Massage in Mumbai

So, these are the different types of foot massage available at our massage parlour in Mumbai.

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